Meet Cooper

Copper Ranch, a dream that's starting with a brand to become a reality. My son, Cooper, started his journey of bull riding with me thinking what the heck is he doing, it has since pulled us into realizing it's more than "Rodeo." If my son can take the beatings bull riding gives out then we can support his dreams of having more than a brand one day. It's not about a dollar towards that ranch just yet, it's about giving back and supporting something that has shown us that God, Family, and Country is what makes us all better.

We will be giving 25% of the profits to help another kid chase their 8 by providing gear or entry fees to someone that may need a little extra support and to Christian based organizations that help spread the gospel through the Cowboy way of life. It's not just a prayer or anthem at the beginning of each Rodeo it's a way to bring an arena together.